About me

About me: My name is Wilma Söderström, a 23 year old self taught artist living in Gothenburg, Sweden. I have since childhood had a love for art but started working with watercolor around the age of 10 after my grandmother gave me pencils and paint as a birthday gift. I still use the same pencil, 13 years later.

Growing up in Bohuslän on the Swedish west coast I’ve lived among landscapes that are soft cliffs in granite meeting the ever changing ocean. The landscape along the coast is rocky, filled with cliffs polished to perfection during the ice age and pressed in beautiful layers. The hardness and solidity from the cliffs mixed with the free and roaming ocean have inspired both my view on life and my art.

The paintings shown on this site are from October 2017 and forward. Most of them painted during a long depression that changed me deeply. I now chose to present my art to the world and I am very happy that you are here to see it.

Prints will soon be available. Originals are not for sale but feel free to contact me for custom made pieces.

Contact: wldsoderstrom@gmail.com


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